Imran & Nuraine Wedds.

Officemate cum my best friend wedding. I’m an OP for their event. Congratulation to both you! And thanks for the gulai rebung + gulai daging salai + sambal petai!!!! It’s really delicious!

btw… Cepat sikit balik office…banyak keje tak settle lagi nih.. hehehehehe


2 thoughts on “Imran & Nuraine Wedds.

  1. mmg bbaloi amik brader ni jd fotgrafer rasmi wedding..
    thx bro! and bravo!

    nnt la blk opis.. tgh experiment nih.. hehe

  2. Hello Iman, juz drop by to ur blog. Ur photo really describes the story of ur fren’s wedding.

    Really love d 1st n 2nd wedding rings u took, like the sharpness.

    Great work n looking forward to check out ur latest work 🙂

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